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Definitely the Most Bizarre Sending Off Ever (Video)


"OK, this is officially weird. The video below takes place during an amateur match in Melbourne, during which a player was sent off. “Why”, you may ask? Well you see the player was sent off because he refused to remove his piercing….his genital piercing. Yes you read that correctly."

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no_more_heroes4121d ago

What I want to know is how the ref found out about it.

CYBERSNAKE4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Um... did that that ref just make that player show him his dick?

no_more_heroes4121d ago

Ok...d!ck grabbing during run of play confirmed...

Sahil4120d ago

That is simply bizzare, look at all those people laughing on the sideline like they have already seen his private parts