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Manchester United set to lodge a £20m bid to sign Samir Nasri from Arsenal

Manchester United are reportedly going to lodge a £20 (€22.5) million bid this week to acquire the services of Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri.

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no_more_heroes3984d ago

Well then expect to see it rejected if true.

It's good to have a laugh on your birthday though.

Sahil3983d ago

Happy Birthday.

Wat did you ask for.. a samir nasri stay :D

guigsy3983d ago

It's Nasri's birthday.

no_more_heroes3983d ago

That I'll live to see 23. Then 24, then, hopefully, 90.

badz1493983d ago

not enough with Young, Nasri is next? c'mon...MU can't claim the CL with just these people! more high caliber midfielder please...

guigsy3983d ago

Good offer for someone in the last year of his contract. If Nasri doesn't want to sign a new deal they don't really have an option other than to accept this.

Sahil3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

oohhh.. didn't know :)

zootang3983d ago

We all know what happened with Flamini and they won't want to let that happen again.

no_more_heroes3983d ago

Then Flamini spent the first year and a half takling about how much he regrets leaving Arsenal. Hleb has practically been begging us to take him back.