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Arsenal launch bid for Mata

Arsenal have reportedly placed a club record £18 million bid for Valencia midfielder Juan Mata.

Mata starred in Spain's title-winning European Under-21 tilt, and with that tournament now complete, the playmaker is ready to begin talks with the Gunners, a report in the Daily Mail said.

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no_more_heroes4112d ago

Hmm. Would be very interesting if true.

DavidLuiz44111d ago

I prefer him to go to Liverpool instead - they need him!!

zootang4111d ago

It's funny that people forget he has a buy out clause of 40m Euros.

zeddy4111d ago

i dont think mata would care if liverpool need him, arsenal are in the champions league every season, thats more of a reason.

kulka4111d ago

What the hell are Liverpool doing ? he is the best player we can possibly get and we want to sign Downing shit player for the same amount of money

zootang4111d ago

Raul Meireles wanting to leave for champions league football, it's all going wrong for Liverpool even before the season has started.

cozmo1954111d ago

and where has he said that? at least back up your claims

zootang4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

It has been widely reported he is being linked to champions league clubs. Why do you think that is? Because Kenny doesn't want him, lol.

cozmo1954111d ago

so he isn't leaving because he wants CL football, he is just linked with CL clubs >_>

zootang4111d ago

Yep, a club not in the Champions League wants to get rid of a player that Champions League clubs want. Makes sense, lol.

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guigsy4111d ago

I doubt he would want to leave a club with Champions League football for a club without. He might as well stay at Valencia.