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Santos Accept £40.3m Offers from Chelsea and Man City for Striker Neymar

Santos have confirmed that five clubs have met Neymar’s release clause of €45million (£40.3million) and they have been given permission to talk with the Brazilian sensation.

The clubs are understood to be Real Madrid, Barcelona,Chelsea, Manchester City and Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala.

It was previously believed that Real and Chelsea, who have been tracking Neymar for years, were leading the chase with the Spaniards in pole position.

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nieuwland144115d ago

I wonder who he will pick, i hope chelsea.

HxCGamer4115d ago

chelsea just spent a lot of money on one striker, idk why they would do it again

torres just needs to get back on form

zeddy4115d ago

i'd pick chelsea over city anyday. man city have way to many forwards and i'd wanna play every week.

Anderson84115d ago

if he goes to chelsea what will happen to sturridge.. i was hoping he would get the chance to crack your team

RedDevils4114d ago

I pick Real Madrid as the are favorite to land him

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freeduck4115d ago

lol Anzhi Makhachkala, such a random club it would be pretty hilarious if Neymar went there

Anyways it has been said before but I don't think he is good enough for the Premier League. I could see him at Real Madrid

krazykombatant4115d ago

Not good enough for the Premier league??? meh i don't think we need him just yet at real madrid but yeah i'm sure mou would try to pick him up.

Anderson84115d ago

he's easily good enough for the prem.. he's start complaining about the weather after a few months though

HxCGamer4115d ago

ok... the best 2 clubs in the world are in la liga....

if he is good enough for la liga then he is good enough for premier league

i dont mean to be offensive btw.

Sahil4114d ago

40m for neymar.. that's usual as far as the transfer market of today's world is concerned.