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Alexis Sanchez's ultimatum: Either I move to Barcelona or I stay at Udinese

Udinese forward Alexis Sanchez has issued a rallying call to his club to accept a bid from Barcelona as he is not interested in playing in the Premier League.

The 22-year-old has given the Italians an ultimatum over his transfer as he only wants the Catalan club - just 24 hours after claiming it's his dream to play there.

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b163o14118d ago

I'm not gonna lie, I really wanted Sanchez to come to City. It seemed that every time we'd send them an offer......his price went up. I'm pretty sure we had more money then anyone on the table, but he's heart @Nou Camp and hope they iron out the small details of his contract and the lad does well. My only concerns is where does he fit in@Barcelona??????

DavidLuiz44118d ago

STFU NERD hahahaa - why should he even go to barca - and he should either go to Chelsea or Manchester not warm the benches resource!

go figure out which side he should warm the benches at

kulka4117d ago

He could actually be a replacment to Villa and Bojan at Camp Nou he would develope further