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World Football Supremacy: How Sir Alex Ferguson Will Respond to Barca Challenge

It’s nothing Sir Alex Ferguson hasn’t seen and done before, but the challenge in his twilight years at Manchester United (although harder and more complicated then anything preceding it), is very clear, and as such closed for interpretation. To put it in the wily old Scotsman’s own famous phrase: “Knock Barcelona off their perch.”

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kulka4105d ago

At the moment it's Real and Barca on the top

zootang4104d ago

You would say that being a Liverpool fan. 3 champions League finals in the last 4 years. I think we know what we are doing.

Sir Alex rose to the challenge of Mourinho when he went to Chelsea. Chelsea won 2 years we came back and won 4 years and a Champions League. Let me you remind you also, Mourinho spent more money at Chelsea than he has at Real. We will always be there or there about with Sir Alex at the helm.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

NewMonday4104d ago

Mourinho was undermined by the Russians meddling, if the special one had his way, Manch wouldn't have won anything.

it takes more than a hair dryer to beat teams of real class

zeddy4104d ago

we need to keep the ball a lot better, we just give it away cheaply and put pressure on ourselves to often. obviously we're not going to be passing it like barcelona anytime soon but we need to keep the ball for spells longer than 30 flipping seconds, we're too direct! but thats probably becuase of our players: valencia, nani, hernandez, gibson, carrick are all 100% direct all the time.

Anderson84104d ago

that just the english way.. its fine domesticly but on the international stage its all about posession

led10904104d ago

Whats funny is all the fanboys refer to the teams as if they're a part of it. The connection with them might be very strong. But when you refer to a mere sports team as something larger than what they are, then your opinions are worthless because you sound biased even if you don't intend to