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Nasri set to quit Arsenal on Monday

Samir Nasri is flying to London for crisis talks on his Arsenal future - and is ready to quit the club.

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Why are we wasting our time on this guy? There's no way Araenal will accept a bid from Man Utd especially since there are other clubs intrested.

guigsy2663d ago

Selling to Chelsea or City would be no different, both are title rivals. Besides, if the player wants to come to United, Arsenal aren't in a position to engineer his move somewhere else.


I get the feeling Arsenal will still rather sell to City and Chelsea than to United. I would like to see United get Nasri but the fact that he is one of our transfer targets just shows there's hardly any quality midfielders out there available.

FlashXIII2662d ago

I'm sure Arsenal would be better off selling him to utd than city. City are more of a threat to Arsenal's third/forth spot than Utd are who. If they lose Fabregas and Nasri they wouldn't be title contenders anymore tbh and would be scrapping it out for third and forth alongside spurs, liverpool and city.

Also it's strongly hinted that Nasri wants to win things. Utd is clearly the best choice for winning things.. they've always won at least one trophy a season and have done so for quite a while now.

NnT32912662d ago

Yeah, United and Chelsea have been ahead of Arsenal in the past 5 years, it's still difficult for them anyway to compete with these 2 teams with or without Nasri. Arsenal sure dont want City to grow stronger and leave them behind.

zeddy2662d ago

city or chelsea will offer him a lot more in wages than united will atleast 100k+ a week.

Anderson82662d ago

true but city wont guarantee him titles and chelsea are in transition they could be hit or miss next yr.. united would be the safest option.. all depends on his motives

mastiffchild2662d ago

And not just greed, if you imply that's the only reason to go anywhere but Utd, anyway Chelsea just aren't really in for him ~A~T ALL so this is a straight fight between the Manchester clubs imho. He might want to be building history rather than adding to it, though, so even going to Citeh doesn't always mean greed you know. He's got a great chance of making a name for himself there rather than being one of many at Utd. Utd isn't the only romantic destination for footballers, you do realise that, don't you?

Anderson82661d ago


i didnt imply anything.. i dont know his motives i merely suggested that united would be the safest bet if all he wants is silverwear.. he could go to chelsea or city or even stay at arsenal and win things, united are just more likely to deliver than the rest..

...i'm not sure what romance has to do with anything

zico2661d ago

buy buy Arsenal. Next year you have no chance!