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Carlos Tevez confirms his desire to leave Manchester City this summer

The striker reiterates that he wants to leave the Eastlands club and cites the "difficult circumstances" in regards to his family being based in Argentina as a primary reason.

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b163o14109d ago

Well it's looking to be true this go around, a since its about family you really can't hold it against him. As far as the squad we'll be good, tevez will be missed on the pitch believe that. It's time for someone on the squad it step into the light.

RedDevils4109d ago

thank to SAF we didn't sign him, what a mess would've been if this guy still at the the team, always bitching

Corepred44109d ago

Move your family to where you are. Simple as that. What kind of dumbass family does he have that they wouldn't relocate so he can continue making a living playing a sport while they get to visit a new country?