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Gael Clichy: I joined Manchester City because I want to win things

Gael Clichy has spoken of his delight at signing for Manchester City and admitted that he joined the club to win silverware.

The full-back completed his move from Arsenal on Monday afternoon, signing a four-year deal with Roberto Mancini’s side and he has set his sights on winning trophies at Eastlands in the coming years.

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no_more_heroes3970d ago

Of course you did.

/end sarcasm


Awwwww...Poor assneal fans. When will u learn. Hahahahaha

no_more_heroes3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Are you a real person?

NewMonday3968d ago

i remember his bad marking costing Arsenal games 2 seasons ago, one clumsy challenge resulting in a penalty i few matches before the end of the season, it cost them the premiership.

BLACKBOIJONES3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Dry video..When assneal win a trophy i will find it funny :)

zeddy3969d ago

arsenal fans should rejoice, they've got 7 million for an average player who they can replace him with a better player gibbs who's on lower wages. i just hope that 7 million goes to new players.

no_more_heroes3969d ago

I'm singing hallelujah over here.

NnT32913970d ago

if he said that a few years ago I would laugh so hard.


Ironically a few years ago in 2009 Gael Clichy said the the following;

'I really believe if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City.'

kulka3969d ago

Money but will he get into starting elevven up there and besides how are City going to fit into the new finacial rules ? their wages bill must be way over the top

zeddy3969d ago

i thought it was if you had the money you could spent it. the new rules prevent smaller clubs from over spending and thereby going into administration. so all the bigger clubs can still spalsh out.

kulka3969d ago

I think you can only spend the amount you earn the owners can only put ten milion into the club but I'm not sure big clubs like United Liverpool have big revenues therefore can spend much more than the less prestiged clubs