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Paul Scholes: United are a million miles behind Barcelona

Paul Scholes admits Manchester United are “a million miles away” from catching Barcelona and reclaiming the Champions League crown.

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NnT32914106d ago

sad but sort of true. Barcelona are having an exceptionally brilliant generation, they play the kind of football I havent seen before, even Brazil can't play that good.

kulka4106d ago

Yup in order to dethrone Barca you have to play like Barca quick passing fast strikers you need to keep the same squad for many years for the chemistry you can't beat Barca being on the back foot I mean yes you can get lucky once in a while but sooner or later they will break you down

zeddy4106d ago

nobodys else going to be playing like barca anytime soon, nobody else has the players. we just need some composure on the ball and try and keep possesion instead of trying to score every 2 minutes.

Snakefist304105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

Madrid will beat them this season!