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Jose Mourinho considering replacing Iker Casillas with outfield player as Real Madrid captain

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is considering taking the captaincy away from goalkeeper Iker Casillas and handing the armband to an outfield player, according to Marca.

Mourinho sees the position of captain as an important means of communication with the referee on the pitch, and for that reason is thinking of replacing the Spain international.

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kulka4109d ago

I think Casillas is a very good captain you don't fix something that isn't broken

RGB4109d ago

Completely agree, one of the best Goalkeeping Captains ever.

krazykombatant4109d ago

I will kinda have to agree, with this the captain is SUPPOSED to be the only one to argue calls with the refs, at least thats how it used to be. Not this crap that every crowds the refs and calls for cards.