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Owen Hargreaves' novel approach to getting signed – publish videos demonstrating your fitness

In the first we see Owen executing some inadvisably risky moves on a treadmill. It's meant to assuage the fears of his potential suitors, but any chief scouts watching will only be left with a sense of disappointment.

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no_more_heroes4103d ago

This reminds me of Ok, Go!'s video with the treadmills

guigsy4103d ago

Good luck to him. He could have just thrown in the towel and retired but at least he's making the effort to rebuild his career.

Anderson84103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

i hope he finds a good club and does well, he was always a quality player.. shame about his injuries

KingPin4102d ago

agreed. in the few matches he played for Man Utd he really showed great potential. its a shame his plagued by injuries. Man Utd shouldn't have let him go, instead they should have offered him a pay as you play contract. im sure he wouldn't have rejected that contract and not only would he have rebuilt his career in a sort of way, but he would have also increased his value as a player so man utd could sell him for a better price.

KazumaKiryu4102d ago

Lol reminds me of owen's brochure.