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Official: Real Madrid sign £26.9m Fabio Coentrao from Benfica

The 23-year-old has agreed to a six-year deal at Santiago Bernabeu and has passed a medical.

A statement released on Tuesday afternoon by the Portuguese side reads:

"Sport Lisboa e Benfica, in agreement with the terms of article 248 of the stock market values code, informs that it has reached an agreement in principle with Real Madrid FC for the complete transfer, total sporting and economic rights of the athlete Fabio Coentrao for the value of €30 million [£26.9m]."

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FootballZilla4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Whats going to happen to marcelo?

Only thing that might happen is ...

Marcelo - Ramos - Carvalho - Coentrao
----------------Pepe--------- ---------
-----------Ozil-----Xabi Alonso------
Ronaldo ------ Benzema ------- Di maria

zeddy4103d ago

Ramos - pepe - Carvalho - Coentrao
----------------khedira------ --- ---------
-----------sahin-----Xabi Alonso------
di maria ------ higuain ------- ronaldo

i doubt marcelo will play right back but the midfield is competitive with ozil, diarra and kaka anyone could play there.

Anderson84103d ago

pepe isnt good enough to play defensive mid i dunno why they keep trying that they should just keep diarra

FootballZilla4103d ago

did you see him against Barca hmmmm :/

Corepred44102d ago

Yeah Pepe was playing beast in that defensive mid position.

Anderson84102d ago

pepe got sent off and cost them the game... did you see diarra in the second leg? he was madrids best player

RedDevils4102d ago

did you even know why he got sent off, Alves won an Oscar, it was on TV man

Anderson84102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )


nah i blinked when that happened and missed every replay after...

my point is that pepe is a good CB but his challenges are too rash, he's too hot headed and he lacks the range of passing for midfield he mite win you a tackle but he wont find a team mat 30yrds away after so just keep him as a CB

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Sahil4103d ago

27m for a left/right back.. well done madrid, well done.

guigsy4103d ago

Their defence has been their weakness for years, and they never did anything about it until Mourinho joined.


Dear Real Madrid,

Stop buying everyone!

kane_lfc4103d ago

There bench is probably worth more than the LFC team! :/

Its f*cking getting on my nerves, there just buying everyone! >_<


With Neymar and Carlos Tevez also supposedly on their way, they are gonna need a bigger bench.

kane_lfc4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

What are they going to do with Di Maria, Arebloa, Benzema, Higuaine, Khedira, Diaara, Granero and the rest!? Yet they buy all top class players but wont win f*ck all again!

CYBERSNAKE4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Well those players are gona be tossed in the recycling bin for lower league teams to pick up, Real Mardrid will then go another year falling short to Barcelona and by next summer they will buy a host of other players to mount another challenge the following season.
That's pretty much been their cycle for the last 6 years. Who knew replacing the likes of Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo, Carlos etc... would be this hard.

zeddy4103d ago

they have to try and compete with barca, they need the players.

Sahil4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Yeah agree.. but there hasn't been a single news of madrid offloading players, it's madrid bought this that.. they also need to sell some to make space.

Sometimes i think players are fool to sign for madrid but then, I realize that they are the most decorated club in football.

Snakefist304103d ago

RM is atm far more interested in beating Barca than any other sensible cause. Once that is accomplished, im sure the youth players in their academy will be brought in.

kulka4103d ago

To compete with Barca they also need team chemistry they can't just buy new team every year Barca will just thrash them again

guigsy4103d ago

No one can beat Barca for team chemistry at the moment, its like they can read each others minds at times.

TruthBTold4103d ago

Its because barca players are from out of this world man, they're freaking aliens dude, they know what we are thinking and our moves before we even say or do anything man. They can't be stopped.

Snakefist304103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

They already have there chemestry u shud this jose 2nd season.He needed some players to make it perfect and I m very happy we have signed Coentrao. Mourinho has gone about solving two major dependencies in our squad. Alonso and Marcelo.Thats is the reason y jose hav bought Sahin and Fabio!

Sahil4103d ago

They'll keep buying until they win the freakin league title :)

krazykombatant4103d ago

Last i checked that wasn't against the rules :P, just like having the refs on barca's side ;p

Sahil4103d ago

am not saying it was.. every club is doing it but this is a short-term fix, real don't hv a good youth academy as it used to be back then.. they are dependent on big-money signings.

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