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Revealed: Inter will almost certainly be stripped of 2006 Scudetto

Inter will almost certainly see their 2006 Scudetto revoked when the FIGC convene for a final meeting into their findings from the revelations of the Calciopoli II trial in Naples, but the 2010 European champions will avoid any further sanctions due to the case being out of statute.

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no_more_heroes4111d ago

Wow, imagine a Serie A without Inter AND AC Milan?


Aslong as it teaches them and everyone else a lesson, I don't care.
Match fixing is the worst crime in football.

zootang4110d ago

It will continue until we get rid of Blatter.

kulka4110d ago

There should just replace the current Regime at FIFA these people have been there for way too long

ilCorsaro4110d ago

Well since Inter is going to be stripped, looks like it will be handed over to my Roma.

no_more_heroes4110d ago

That's what I was thinking, but they said it won't be handed over to anyone else. It would just remain a blank year.

badz1494110d ago

Juve was stripped from theirs and they were given to Inter. why should this be any different?

KingPin4110d ago

Does this mean they gonna have to refund the winnings as well. something tells me that money is well and truly spent. Italian football has been in shambles for quite a while now.

Changing the FIFA reps wont stop Italian match fixing. the match fixers were mainly in the Italian football federation. if there is gonna be a personnel change, start there.

kulka4109d ago

For the good of Italian football they need new people concentrate on their young Italian players or else they won't even make it past the grop stage at the Euroes