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Highlights: Argentina 0-0 Colombia (Copa America Group A - 07/07/11)

No goals in this match, but there is highlights...

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FootballZilla3968d ago

Colombia OUTPLAYED Argentina by sooo much....

Guarin was amazing... Yepes & Falcao were also really good...
Colombia missed so many easy goals... It was like both teams were at the same level...

Messi was really really pooor, no xavi and iniesta so he dosent do anything...

freeduck3968d ago

Same with Ronaldo and Portuguese team

At this rate, I would not be surprised if Argentina does not progress from group stages

FootballZilla3968d ago

Agree with ronaldo not performing as good but is still does ok...

zootang3968d ago

Nani tends to be the star of the Portugal team.

Trizard3968d ago

Except when nani fucked up that goal for ronaldo by heading it in offsides even though the ball was going in. Don't remember it, search it on youtube. If I was ronaldo I would have beaten the shit out of nani.

zootang3968d ago

Not really something to remember when there is so much more good that Nani has done for Portugal. I'm pretty sure Ronaldo wouldn't mind because of all the assists nani gave in that and many other games.

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danidefjam23453967d ago

how can anyone disagree to this.. argentina is one of the best in the world and they got outplayed... IMO south american soccer has come to a balance, no longer can brazil and argentina dominate the "little teams".. i believe the samething will happen in europe..

crazyturkey3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Did anyone noticed how the Colombian defense stopped Messi like nothing. At some point Messi was like "where are you Xavi I need you or I can't do anything right at the moment".

Nes_Daze3968d ago

I think that argentina team doesn't know how to find him, he's a great player but he can't do much when the rest of the team is playing like crap.

HxCGamer3968d ago

Messi will never be the best in the world, his performance this cup america has shown this.

Nes_Daze3968d ago

Too bad he was, and he achieved something many others dream of doing..

Big_Dom3968d ago

Typical Madrid supporter coming out with that nonsense. If Messi isn't the best player on the planet, then who the fuck is? It doesn't matter how good you are, if you're not playing in a team, you're going to do nothing. You only need to look at your team for proof of that. All the stars in the world, but still complete shit.

krazykombatant3967d ago

To back up HxCGamer, I would have to take his "best in the world" as some messi worshipers say. Messi is the best football player ever. What I'm guessing HxC is saying messi will never surpass the likes of Pele and Maradonna. And as it stands now there isn't much to support messi in the international level.

danidefjam23453967d ago

just beacuse argentinans say hes the best doesnt mean he is thats what they say about maradonnaa but truth is hes obviously not.. now a days there is no "best player in the world"

danidefjam23453967d ago

if he decides to play in the spanish national team hahahah .. because without xavi hes nothing just another lonely player... BTW my favorite "european" team is barca...

HxCGamer3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

lol so much hate

I am not saying anyone in Madrid are the best in the world
all I am saying is that Messi just isn't it

That is just a fact

Maradona played for Barcelona and I still admire the shit out of him. He pretty much won a world cup by himself

Messi is not the new maradona, sorry i know you must hate hearing this since you clearly are a barcelona fan.

Once Xavi is gone messi's future is not looking that great

And I am a realist, i don't just scream bull from Madrid... I I was born there and I am just stating the truth... even I can admit sometimes they are shady.... either way RM for life =]

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Snakefist303968d ago

Tevez and Lavezzi were disasters and so was their horrible coach's tactical system. I mean.. Gago as a substitute when there was little coordination to Messi's moves in the middle from others in the attacking third? How dumb was that!

kulka3968d ago

Argentina were very poor Messi plays way too deep they now need to win the last game to progress

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