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Nasri 'to press for United move'

Arsenal have rejected a £20million bid for Samir Nasri, but the Frenchman will reportedly tell Arsene Wenger he wants to join Manchester United.

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I wonder how Assneal fans feel.....Year after year they lose there best playes and sign players with little or no experience to play in the EPL and when they dont win any thing.

Im tired of all that they play the best football crap...Thats BS if u dont win trophies....If Barca says they play the best football i would agree cuz they win trophies. The best foorball is winning football

FlashXIII4100d ago

Arsenal fans have developed a fingers in the ears "lalala i'm not listening" approach. At least all the Arsenal fans I know act all interested and pumped then when things go wrong they just shrug their shoulders and act like they expected it.

zootang4100d ago

Well at least they aren't as delusional as Liverpool fans.

Computersaysno4101d ago

Man Utd better not pay any more than 20m for him. Also I think most would prefer Sneijder instead. However why not both? :)

DrillaKid4100d ago

I'd like to see Morrison given a chance in the middle; he could turn out to be a revelation like Wilshere. This is why I have doubts about Fergie buying two midfielders.

Anderson84100d ago

if he wasnt always in trouble with the law then he would have got his chance already.. he has to prove he#s grown up before fergie will play him

guigsy4100d ago

Pogba also has alot of potential. I think we will see the two given a few opportunities next season, seeing as Gibson looks like he's on his way.

There's no way we will be getting both Nasri and Sneijder. I know we have been spending big recently but the club isn't exactly rolling in it financially. Nasri should be the priority, he fits in with our policy of not buying players that are the finished article and still have room for development.