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Arsenal FC: 5 Reasons Why Arsene Wenger Should Be Sacked

Arsenal FC's longest-serving manager Arsene Wenger is under immense pressure to right the wrongs this summer.

Six trophy-less seasons coupled with a prospective mass exodus of star players from the Emirates makes his job even more tough this summer.

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Yi-Long4107d ago

... but he's certainly not without blame either.

In big games, he often shows that he's not very good tactically.

The 2nd match against Barca when he decided to play Van Persie up front as a lone deep striker is one of the most recent examples of just an extremely stupid tactical plan, and it's not the first time he made that mistake (he did the exact same thing years ago with Bergkamp, which also failed miserably)

Arsenal have ofcourse been a bit unlucky with Vermaelen being out pretty much the whole season, but for a club like Arsenal to have such poor alternatives, and such a mediocre keeper and poor defensive midfield, is obviously quite a disgrace.

I hope for next season they will find the suitable enforcements in the back, along with hopefully Honda in midfield, and a workpermit for the brilliant Ryo.

RedDevils4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

and did you know that plan almost work out, if it wasn't for the sending off they probably beat Barca on aggregate

about the defensive midfield, you say it poor come on now. Song has been one of their best player, is players like Denilson and Bendtner that has let them down. But Can't really blame on Denilson as he is CAM not a DM where Wenger who played him out of position. But I do agree about you saying they need a better back when one of their Start 11 got injure especially in defence

Yi-Long4105d ago

... not against a team like Barca where they have possesion 70% of the time, and they're playing on the opponent's half. You would need speed for a productive counter, so you would need a forward you could sent deep (and Van Persie isn't that quick), or you would need a forward that can really hold on to the ball so other can overlap with speed, but Van Persie couldn't even really touch a ball, let alone keep it in possession long enough...

I like Van Persie, but not as a lone striker up front when there's no support and the ball is on the other half of the pitch.

If Wenger wanted to lean on his defense and hope for a quick counter, he should have taken Van Persie back a line, and put Walcott up front as the guy to make the deep runs. That way Van Persie would get a bit more of the ball, and he has the quality to send other players to the goal with great through-balls.

It was a deserved sending off as well, from a frustrated player who was clearly upset by how he and the team was playing. He should have been sent off earlier for that disgraceful tackle on Messi.

no_more_heroes4105d ago

If Bendtner scores on that late chance he had when he was clean through we knock them out. For all of Barca's domination, we were millimeters away from knocking them out.

Walcott would have made a huge difference on the counter, but was out injured. So was Song.

DiLeCtioN4105d ago

He buys little boys all the time