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Arsenal Transfer News: Dani Alves' Comments on Fabregas Signal Barca's Arrogance

Contrary to popular belief, the football world does not revolve around Barcelona.

The Spanish side may be the top club in La Liga and winners of the Champions League, but they aren't the end all and be all.

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Hasreza3970d ago

So crazy Alvis has suddenly become Barca s spokesperson? What is wrong with you arsenal people. Are you having some kind of inferiority complex? If someone praises a club this means that he is degrading yours? As for the hackling that is going on for Cesc, it is no different than trying to but a house for a bargain price, don't we all try to do that? Is it direspectfull to bargain? I wish you Arsenalistas grow up and stop fishing for mistakes to stick to Barca