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Former Liverpool striker John Aldridge: Fernando Torres will never hit his peak at Chelsea

John Aldridge believes that Chelsea striker Fernando Torres will never be able to put in the kind of performances he did during his days at Liverpool.

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mastiffchild4097d ago

Because it's SO hard to be an ex pro incapable of even being a decent pundit, let alone do anything in coaching and to knock a player who's YET to ever fully recover from injuries, isn't it? Aldridge is a man who played for a country he had barely any link to judging a passionate Spaniard just because he's left Aldridge's old club-it's that simple. Also, torres was barely supported during his latter days at KLiverpool and possible took too long to leave and stepping up a class into Chelsea's side just proved a little too much for a man no longer the only big fish(seeing as Gerrard is perma injured seemingly)at his own club for the very first time in his footy career.

He's often struggled for Spain to come out from the shadow of Villa and Torres must first come to terms with that part of his mentality and as it's one he's had since his Atletico career began it WILL be hard but once his injuries are totally behind him-and fitness reports from season's end at Chelsea show his pace has NOT taken a hit and Aldridge, who NEVER had any pace should know that isn't always the key to being an effective goalscorer. Shearer never had pace, Dixon, at Chelsea, was never quick and Lineker was only ever fast over ten yards and all of them managed to score goals aplenty at every level they played at. Torres is in that kind of league where finishing gives and with the confidence of a full pre season under his belt just who is to say what he can and cannot achieve?

The "lack of a yard" is inside Torres head and will go with confidence returning and a score in the first few games of the season will banish what happened since his last injury.Torres was amazing for L'pool when he first arrived but the fact he scored THAT goal standing up the useless Ben Haim against his current paymasters might have been the confidence catalyst for a player I've always seen to rely massively on both being loved by those at his club and the chest filling belief a few consecutive good performances gives. He well might never recapture the purple patch he found at L'pool but Aldridge is the last voice anyone at Chelsea should take seriously given the fact his agenda is questionable and his knowledge pretty seriously limited as to Torres current physical and mental state. He's speaking with wishful thinking and also trying to say Chelsea fans should expect little from a xclass player-when the Chelsea fans have been nothing short of unflinching in their support of 'Nando throughout his troubled start at their club. The desire for Torres to fail for "not trying" in his last days at Anfield(which is a totally unfair accusation which Aldridge should be ashamed of)is so transparent in this case it has to colour whatever we might think of the statement as a result.

Sure, it's highly unlikely Torres will score the same ratio at Chelsea as he also way less likely to be the sole target as he has been during his time at Liverpool and putting spurious ideas in people's heads about a pretty honourable young man who simply didn't feel Liverpool any longer filled their promises to him-and the fact he stayed when it was easier to leave last summer shows he wanted to stay and succeed at Anfield. To accuse Torres of not trying is so offensive and a totally crass attempt at currying favour with a core of bitter Liverpool fans Aldridge wants to remind of his own exploits and should be treated as the blatant and distasteful slur it was. Torres isn't the man who failed to play for his OWN nation and took up tenuous Irish ancestry as a result. Hardly the actions of a man of principal in my eyes.