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Ferguson: No Nasri deal for United

Manchester United's pursuit of Arsenal's Samir Nasri looks to be at an end after Sir Alex Ferguson said he thought the Frenchman had "agreed to go elsewhere".

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badz1494103d ago

Good. He's overrated anyway

Sahil4104d ago

Then it's either.. Madrid/Inter/ACMilan

mastiffchild4103d ago

Unless there's a shock Citeh bid i'd say abroad too with Inter faves. Chelsea were, as far as I'm told, NEVER interested for whatever reason.


Nah I think hes staying, Wenger seems sure of it.

rafay4103d ago

I don't think any team will pay 20-25 mill for him! Not worth it. And if he has a bad season at Arsenal he won't sign a new deal than you can get him for free.
If he has a good season, which means they win anything, then well he might just sign a new deal.
So I don't think he'll go anywhere this transfer window.

Mozilla894103d ago

I think he'll get Nasri and Fabregas to stay. I saw an article on Sky that Barcelona had just about wrapped up the deal for Sanchez and he definitely cost over 30m euros.

I don't think Barcelona have enough money to buy Fabregas now so Arsenal are probably going to keep their team together for one more season and really go for it. I think if their team does stay together, the coming season will be one where they finally end their trophy drought.

Anderson84103d ago

a shame, he would have been a quality addition.. i hope we dont pay over the odds for sniejder