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Sneijder's Manchester United move hit by wage bill unrest with high-earner Rooney

Manchester United are pressing ahead with protracted negotiations aimed at finding a way around the wages problem threatening their £30million-plus move for Wesley Sneijder.

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Anderson84462d ago

i would prefer nasri over sneijder..

zootang4462d ago

Only because of his age. Sniejder is the much better player.

Anderson84462d ago

not just that.. nasri is already used to playing in the premier league and sniejder could be hit or miss/ he might not settle and he costs way too much..

but he is still quality

zootang4462d ago


I'm sure the Champions League Final and World Cup final are enough experience to be able to play in the Premier League. He can play at any level. Nasri on the other hand is questionable when under pressure in big games.

Ninjamonkey824462d ago

My biggest problem with nasri is his weight tbh to easy knocked over, We would need to feed the git a years supply off burgerking to make him big enough to handle himself in the midfield im not for these skinny kids. Sniejder is better built for the posistion tbh.

zootang4462d ago


One thing about Nasri is he likes a tackle and a fight. You should see him against a few big midfielders. Watch this!

Ninjamonkey824462d ago

Yeah i know m8 he don't lack in that area of his game.

Anderson84461d ago

you would think so but you never know, i'm not saying he wont fit in the premier league i'm just saying its a bigger gamble than nasri who we know already can.. i'll welcome sniejder when he comes though he'll probably be our best performer if he does

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WANNAGETHIGH4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

Forget nasir...Sneijder is more expirenced. I dont think nasir can handle the pressure..May b in the future he will but for now he should stay at assneal.

Chidori4462d ago

Nasri isnt the creative type of midfielder we're looking for. We already have our wingers and strikers for attacking, what we are lacking though is quality in the heart of midfield, and thats what Sneijder can bring for us. We're looking for a Scholes replacement. Nasri would be more like a replacement for Nani, but I guess that's why we bought Ashley Young. Not saying Nani is leaving, which he probably isn't, but he's inconsistent..... Ferguson needs to replace Hargreaves already. Carrick playing deep in midfield is a nightmare. We had a solid defensive midfielder in Hargreaves, but he's always injured so I think it's time we buy a proper replacement.

guigsy4462d ago

I don't see why it would upset Rooney, he's already on offensively high wages. In fact, if I remember correctly his reason for wanting to leave the club last year was down to ambition, so it would be pretty hypocritical of him to have any problem with this transfer.

Mozilla894462d ago

Yeah the ambition to pay him more.