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Jack clarifies Cesc comments

Wilshere was quoted in the press on Wednesday as saying that he hopes Fabregas will be a "real man" and show the same loyalty to the club he did last year.

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no_more_heroes4158d ago

Typical corrupting of the original meaning by the media, trying to make it sound worse than it actually is to sell papers/get hits. A few more papers need to suffer the same fate as News of the World.

crazyturkey4158d ago

Either-way, If Cesc really wanted to go he should have given a transfer request to Wenger a long time ago, or should have said that he was going to stay at least until he has one year left in his contract to avoid all of this speculations.

zootang4158d ago

Don't like Jack any more after thinking he is too big to play for the U-21s. He's got too much to say for a 19 year old.

DavidLuiz44157d ago

You Just mad because he ain't a united player faggot - He is good enough for England's National sqaud - he don't have to play for there u21

RedDevils4157d ago

why call him faggot, are you like 13 or something? If you gonna reply you only need to say this "He is good enough for England's National sqaud - he don't have to play for there u21"

zootang4157d ago


Henderson and Wellbeck have played for the senior side but turned up for the U-21 championship. Strange, so did Mata and Thiago for Spain even though both of them have played in the senior side. Why didn't Wilshere? The U-21 games played a huge role in developing him as a player then he turns his back on them.