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Highlights: Guandong Sunray Cave 3-4 Liverpool (Pre-season Friendly - 13/07/2011)

0-1 C. Poulsen 19'
0-2 D. Ngog 22'
1-2 R. Steer 45' +1'
1-3 C. Coady 72'
1-4 A. Carroll 85'
2-4 L. Lin 90'
3-4 Y. Hongbo 90' +1'

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no_more_heroes4097d ago

Guandong Sunray Cave is the most awesome name I've every heard. The team itself wasn't half bad either.

zico4097d ago

where are they from? Do you know?

no_more_heroes4097d ago

From China.

Wait a minute! Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea in China. You know what should've happened? Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd playing against each other in an Emirates Cup-style friendly competition.

Now THAT would be a lucrative venture for all four.

zico4097d ago

I understand your point, but they will meet each other enough matches this year I think. Good to try new players/styles of playing before the season.
And this is maybe a bissness tour as well? playing in China, a lot of people/new fans, buing shirts and so on....

crazyturkey4097d ago

Did Liverpool let them score 2 goals in as many minutes on purpose? If not, they need to work hard on that defense before the season starts. The good thing is that they still have time to fix it.

zeddy4097d ago

4-3 against these lot? i know its the first game back but you can see where liverpool need strengthening. the youth players might have potential but they are far from ready yet. they still need 2 experienced defenders.

DiffusionE4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

Adam is not a defensive midfielder, neither are Aquilani, Henderson, Meireles and Shelvey. So what exactly was the purpose of splurging on midfielders when defenders were what the team needed the most?

If they can concede 3 goals against a team like this, then it's very worrying when the new season begins.