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Highlights: Brazil 4-2 Ecuador (Copa America Group B - 13/07/2011)

1-0 A. Pato 28'
1-1 F. Caicedo 37'
2-1 Neymar 49'
2-2 F. Caicedo 59'
3-2 A. Pato 61'
4-2 Neymar 72'

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no_more_heroes4097d ago

Sub-par tournament for the big three, but they turned up when it mattered most and all of them are through.

Sorry Messi, love ya, but GO BRAZIL!

sdtarm4096d ago

well idk you but brazil was the weakest IMO, or maybe paraguay,

I mean if you watched the whole game, brasil wasnt aggressive, not only that, ecuador controlled the ball for good periods of time and managed to score stupidly thx to brasil's biggest weakness, the terrible defense its got

Nes_Daze4096d ago

I agree, the defense seems to give the other team's offense to much space, not to mention that Cesar was a horrible goalkeeper that day.