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Manchester United have been named the most valuable sports team in the world.

The Red Devils are worth a mind-boggling £1.165BILLION - eclipsing giant American franchises like the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees.

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zeddy4089d ago

it was a suprise for me, i thought madrid or barca would be up there but apparently utd are doing really well even though theres a ton of debt.

crazyturkey4089d ago

If only the owners would deal with the debt in a better way, then Manchester United could do much better financially.

zootang4088d ago

@Crazy Turkey

In a better way than being the most valuable sports brand in the world? People forget how much they brought to united with sponsorship deals.

Corepred44089d ago

Damn. Well at least my Dallas Cowboys are mentioned! lol

RGB4088d ago

To be honest I believe this valuation process by Forbes is completely wrong. They gave the accreditation on Team, Stadium, Income and Sponsorship Deals. I'd include Own facilities as well since their are usually owned by the teams as well as DEBT. So lets do a breakdown of the facts.

Scuderia Ferrari;
Team - Alonso, Massa. (A lot less than most teams)
Stadium - Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Fiorano Circuit.
Income - £1.7 Billion as of 2010.
Sponsorship Deals - Ferrari have several, main 2 Banco Santander (£35M) and Phillip Morris International (Marlboro). The deal with Marlboro was £300M from 1997 til 2012 with the new 2013-15 deal at a £100M!
Facilities - Several factors in Italy and stores.
Fans - Reported by Ferrari as having the largest fan base in the world with 500 million people.

By my summation Scuderia Ferrari would be around £3-4 Billion in Valuation but due to it's History I'd save probably £10 Billion, Fiat wouldn't see for any less.

Real Madrid;
Team - 3rd best football team in the world (According to most) including Mourinho.
Stadium - Santiago Bernabéu & Alfredo di Stéfano Stadium.
Income - World's Richest Club with NO DEBT!
Sponsorship Deals - Bwin (£60M with £18M extension) & Adidas £26M a year. Other Sponsors (Audi, Coca Cola, etc) pay up another £80M as well a year.
Facilities - 2 Stadiums, Several Academies Worldwide, Real Madrid City.
Fans - Around 450 Million as of 2007. Side note (Biggest Shirt sales each year).

Real Madrid would be around £2.5 Billion on assets. History probably £4 Billion.

zootang4088d ago

Yeah sure, trust you over Forbes who have been doing this since 1917.

RGB4088d ago

You really believe Scuderia Ferrari is only worth £1 billion?!

With their history and assets?