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Arsenal 'kidknapping' Cesc Fabregas claims mayor of midfielder's home town

The situation Cesc Fabregas finds himself in at Arsenal is akin to a "kidnapping" and the English club should allow him to return to Barcelona, the mayor of his home town was quoted as saying today.

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no_more_heroes4099d ago

Are you fvcking serious?!

Can you report them to FIFA NOW, Arsene?

Yi-Long4099d ago

... for 150.000- 200.000 pounds a week or whatever it is...(!)


I don't think I've ever seen a team more disrespectful to another club over a transfer.

Perkel4099d ago

Well yeah, trying to make money from signed concract ? Yes that is absolutly disrespectful. rolls eyes..

1. Barca will buy him from arsenal on their therms.
2. Arsenal won't sell him because is their capt for now.

There are only two choices.

If fabregas wanted to go to barca he should first not sign new concract. People claiming Wagner decisions "disrespectful" are idiots.

If Wagner don't want to sell Fabregas it's because he knows that he is valuable player to his team and he needs time to find worthy replacement not just because he is a di*k.

arjman4099d ago

That's Barcelona for you, they'll steal your best players and dive in UCL matches...that and the classic card gesture from the players and hording the ref to get the decisions going their way...

mastiffchild4098d ago

Yeh, I hate to say it but after seeing the Ovrebo match in the flesh(and following Uefa's comments that afternoon) it's impossible not to suspect Uefa if having a certain pet club which can do anything which other clubs have and do get done for. I've been watching since as I didn't want my gut feeling to be right but there's just so much pro Barca movement that it's hard to think otherwise.

The media insist we all love Barca and Uefa help enaure an already great side get extra assistance and make a mockery of their own competition as a result. It's getting daft from where i'm sat. People, like this tool, s[innibg thins in outrageous ways just because they sense Barca should get whatever they ant should start looking at the crap they spout as it actually harms the image of the club they so obviously care about. This attitude of entitlement isn't what Barca were EVER about but it's getting so rife these days someone needs to make it stop.

kulka4099d ago

Well Barca were foolish to let him go it is not arsenal's fault that fabregas wanted first team football

Sahil4099d ago

Seems like the entire nation is trying hard to get their player back.. :D

sdtarm4099d ago

wow I bet his coach aint gonna like this

crazyturkey4099d ago

Arsenal please kidnap me!!!!!!!

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