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Manchester United fan wearing Wayne Rooney shirt turns up to a Liverpool training session

One Manchester United fan pushed his luck a little too far when he turned up in club colours to a Liverpool training session in Malaysia.

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no_more_heroes4093d ago

I'm surprised he made it both in AND out of there alive.

LOL at them taking off his shirt by the way.

NewMonday4093d ago

what was he thinking?!!

he must hate Liverpool a lot more now.

Yi-Long4093d ago

... to bully someone who probably just enjoys football regardless of the club, out of his shirt.

zootang4093d ago

The dedication of a Manchester United fan. Liverpool fans so bitter they couldn't ignore one man with a United shirt on.

kane_lfc4092d ago

What would you do to me if I walked into the STRETFORD END with A LFC shirt? :)

Infernostew4092d ago


This is Malaysia we're talking about, not England.

NewMonday4092d ago

you won't walk out :P

sdtarm4093d ago

wow I know the guy screwed up but making him take his shirt off its just kind off abusive, i dont even think he walked away with it.

I would be so pissed

Corepred44093d ago

WTF! He should have pushed those dudes away. They can't make him change his shirt can they?!

Sahil4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

haha.. glory hunter!

another one bites the dust :D

NnT32914092d ago

lol, thats pathetic. The man's got balls

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