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Liverpool transfer news: £20m payment for Stewart Downing is funny money

Paying £20m for Downing is the worst bit of transfer dealing since paying £20m for Jordan Henderson.

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Sahil4099d ago

Mr.writer please don't bother writing when you are HIGH!

zootang4099d ago

Great signing for Liverpool just what they need to keep them stagnant at 6th.

kulka4099d ago

you'll forgeting the fact that only three players created more chances than downing in the last few years

zootang4099d ago

Yeah Young and Nani both have better stats over the last 5 years.

Sahil4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

"Great signing for Liverpool"

We already know this, but thank you for your support.

Commenting on Downing posts shows your love for him. :P

zootang4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

I'm glad you spent 20m on Downing and not world class Mata. Downing will help keep you 6th.

Sahil4098d ago

atleast he'll be better than that BEBE you signed for 7.4m.. I wudn't even sign him for 7quid.

kulka4098d ago

Downing was Villa's player of the season better than young :)

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kane_lfc4098d ago

Matas more of a number 10 and Hargreaves (£17m) Anderson (£18m) Carrick (£18.6m) Bebe (£7m) Need I say anymore...oh and Berbaflop...£30m :L

Infernostew4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Berbaflop...? Oh you mean the guy tied for first with the most goals in the prem last season? Didn't he score a hat trick on the scousers too? Nah, couldn't be...

Edit: I also love how you're naming off Champion's League and Premier League winners like they're not worth their costs. Haters gonna hate.

freeduck4098d ago

Berbaflop is a term coined by Utd fans.
If he is so good why is he on the bench? He was top scorer because he scored many goals in a few games, but most games he is quiet. His inconsistency is the reason why his transfer is a flop.
What authority do you have to say Downing is a flop, when the season hasn't even started yet? Judge him and Liverpool by the end of the season, please

guigsy4098d ago

How about Hernandez £7m, Vidic £7m, Evra £6m, Ronaldo £12m etc. When was the last time Liverpool got that sort of value for money? You signed Joe Cole on a free and even he turned out to be a waste of money.

Infernostew4098d ago

Don't knock Bebe. He was more effective in the matches he played for United than Torres was for Chelsea.

Sahil4098d ago

Who cares about torres, he doesn't play for liverpool.. find another

zico4099d ago

Good sign, Dalglish knows what he does! But we need two or three more quality players!

zeddy4098d ago

downing is a good signing but jordan henderson who hasnt impressed at all is not worth 20mil. dont know how henderson is going to get into the team with adam, gerrard, aquilani and lucas in there.

Anderson84098d ago

i wouldnt say downing is worth 20 either

Infernostew4098d ago

If Downing's worth 20, how the hell did we get Young for 16?

kane_lfc4098d ago

Young was cheaper because he had less on his contract, considering that Villa actually got a good fee for Young!

sdtarm4098d ago

hope liverpool find the title this time

kane_lfc4098d ago

Lets judge him next season 'aye?

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