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Highlights: Malaysian XI 3-6 Liverpool (Pre-season Friendly - 16/07/2011)

0-1 C. Adam 26'(pen)
1-1 S. Rahim 42'
1-2 D. Ngog 68'
1-3 D. Ngog 70'
1-4 M. Rodriguez 75'
2-4 S. Sali 80'
3-4 S. Sali 82'
3-5 M. Rodriguez 90' +1'
3-6 D. Kuyt 90' +4'

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no_more_heroes3516d ago

Whoa! Goals galore with Liverpool this pre-season. Love that 1-4 goal by the way.

sdtarm3516d ago

I doubt that those Defenders that couldnt clear the ball for liver's second goal will stay in the starting line, it was a ridiculous goal

cozmo1953516d ago

I wish someone would make a video with the LFC TV commentary instead

kulka3516d ago

Well Aqua and Insua have really improved Liverpool should be pushing for the title or at least top four finish

zootang3516d ago

You say this every year.

kulka3516d ago

And we have more titles than anyone else in England :)

HxCGamer3515d ago


you have to be the biggest troll.

zootang3515d ago


Banter my friend and you should have seen some of these boys in the United articles last season.

crazyturkey3516d ago

The Liverpool defense looks like it will cost many points for them if they don't improve their performances.

kane_lfc3515d ago

All we need to buy is a center back, left back and a backup striker then where ready for next season!

kulka3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Agreed we need a centre back we are about to sign Cissokho for left back Robinson and Insua as back up we are already sorted at right back Midfield looks very good as well just that Centre back partnership. I think Carragher can play for one more year so one new face should do us perhaps sign another striker in case Suarez or Carroll get injured

DiffusionE3515d ago

Actually, a left-back should be their top-most-priority at the moment. And they need another wide player with genuine pace.(If they think Downing is gonna be enough, they're seriously deluded.)