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Highlights: Colombia 0-2 Peru [AET](Copa America Quarter-Finals - 16/07/2011)

0-1 C. Lobatón 101'
0-2 J. Vargas 110'

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no_more_heroes4098d ago

Oh snap! Just when we thought Colombia was set for big things in this tournament, Peru pop up and shoot them down.

I certainly wasn't expecting this.

sdtarm4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

we had it, the whole game was ours, falcao missed a penalty but the whole team kept pushing, problem was the mistake in the extra time and the manager certainly didnt know how to handle the situation,

next time it will be

HxCGamer4097d ago

aha awesome goal by guerrero and vargas

falcao had a good chance during the penalty but he missed it

but overall peru played a better game

I'm glad they went through

sdtarm4097d ago

aha ok maybe we didnt watch the same game

kulka4097d ago

Well Columbia was the better team missed penalty hit the crossbar two times i think but Peru did well in extra time

krazykombatant4097d ago

Yeah colombia were definitely playing better for the majority of the game so idk what HxC is talking about. But this is good for colimbia qualifying for the world cup is gonna be pretty good these next couple of years.

HxCGamer4097d ago

haha wow i just realized i responded to you in both last posts

my bad dude, seriously not trying to annoy you

ha I am half spanish/ half peruvian, maybe i am being biased, but i seriously thought peru did way better than expected.

The game overall was pretty even though, lots of counterattacking

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crazyturkey4097d ago

Well this was more surprising than Argentina getting eliminated. Next is Brazil.

kulka4097d ago

I think Chile will win this Brazil look's poor Argentina are gone Urugway and Chile final

krazykombatant4097d ago

not to burst your bubble but chile first have to go through Venezuela tonight, and I'm expecting a hard fought match.