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Highlights: Argentina 1-1 Uruguay (Pen 4-5)(Copa America Quarter-Finals - 16/07/2011)

0-1 Diego Perez 6'
1-1 Higuain 18'

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sdtarm4090d ago

disappointing second half, batista wtf were you doing?

no_more_heroes4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Muslera was an absolute beast in goal. He's definitely gonna have a few clubs inquiring about his services this summer. Uruguay overall were just that much more determined with the way they played.

I wonder what this means for Batista.

ATLien4090d ago

Good job Uruguay dont care how you win just do it for all us Uruguayans.

crazyturkey4090d ago

Argentina plays like an average team at best (Brazil is the same)and Uruguay wasn't much better, but they seem to play with more heart IMO. My bet will be that everyone will blame it on Batista and Messi.

DiffusionE4090d ago

Among those 3 countries, Uruguay probably has the least amount of "star players". So theoretically, they did a great job fending-off a team that had, arguably, much better collective quality than them, especially with one less player on the field.

sdtarm4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

nah they have suarez and forlan, the best player of the world cup remember?

Uruguay did do a better job than argentina, 10 men in most of the second half and argentina didnt score? OMG

and it is Batista's fault, he didnt know how to handle the team, he sent aguero to the other side which didnt help messi since both of them were the ones creating the most danger on the field in the first half,

and to top it all he sub tevez in for aguero, tevez is more like a football creator and him and messi just couldnt find holes to score,

argentina was an unbalanced team with a slow and weak defense that never won a ball in the air against the Uruguayans, messi had to play as back as possible but it was too much to do by himself and got tired after the second half

he had time to know the team, he had plenty of friendly matches, still with an average presentation on those matches he went to the cup with the same starting line, then when things got ugly for them in the group phase HE HAD to ASK the players who did they want to play with

of course they had a good game against costa rica but they were a sub-22 team, there were failures in defense, and some problems in the midfield, they were also relying too much in messi

still he decided to go with the same team against a high level team like uruguay they were obviously not so lucky and they found opportunities until they got tired, messi got tired and suddenly the whole team stopped attacking, that just cant happen

even his decisions in half game werent smart, uruguayan coach tabarez even said himself in a press communicate after the game that subbin in pastore was an obvious choice by batista and that they were ready for that, which was shown in the game where pastore couldnt catapult the team to the victory cuz he couldnt find the holes

IMO yes making a team is a process but batista has shown that he has no knowledge whatsoever in what he is supposed to do and is finding the ideal team that will be supportive one another and to find some needed balance in it, not just give it all to messi becuz he is the best in the world

batista should be fired or I dont see argentina being a protagonist in 2014 world cup thats if they do get there. I find it hilarious how after costa ricas game when a reporter asked him why did the changes take so long, he answered 'I dont know, I dont really know' wow yeah batista we see you have no idea

wow I wrote a lot, thats cuz im kinda pissed, watch they whole argentinian media criticize messi and telling him to "GTFO of argentina because he is Catalan (from spain)"

HxCGamer4090d ago


messi did nothing that game

and the team is kind of relying on him because he is supposed to be the that is why it is kind of his fault.
the media doesnt hate him cz he plays for barcelona and has spanish citizenship, that is ridiculous ... they hate him because he doesnt sing his own anthem and is arrogant

the best Argentinian player was higuain, no question about it, he played and excellent game but was outbested by the better side

And dont be ridiculous , no matter what happens argentina is gonna be part of WC2014

Uruguay winning was not surprising at all.

sdtarm4090d ago


dude shut up you are just trolling and certainly dont know what youre saying or maybe we didnt watch the same game,

and how is he being arrogant when he probably doesnt know the anthem? its not like he just doesnt wanna sing it, shut up dude honestly

DiffusionE4090d ago

@ sdtarm - That makes it only 2. Argentina had Messi, Tevez, Higuain, Aguero, Mascherano, Di Maria, Pastore - just to name a few.

I didn't bother to read the rest of your post, but I hope you have a nice day.

Snakefist304090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )


HxCGamer is telling the truth A boy who was born in argentina doesnt know the their anthem it is a disgrace from being an argentine.

HxCGamer4090d ago

I am seriously not trying to troll

He got asked to play for spain, he said 'no i wanna play for argentina'

the fact that he doesn't wanna learn the anthem, even after critique, means he is not passionate enough for his country

this is fact man.

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kulka4090d ago

You can't blame Messi he tried very hard he is a team player he can dribble past two or three players then he is looking for a pass at Barca there is Villa Pedro and Iniesta to pass to in this team there is nobody who would make the same type of runs as in Barcelona the chemistry is the key to barca's success something Agrentina lacks

TruthBTold4089d ago

Barcelona has the chemistry no other team has been able to build which is why the play the way they play and win. Argentina has Messi but not the whole barcelona team and after all its a team sport. as you said he can take on a few players and make a pass but others have to cooperate. If someone really thinks one man can win the whole game than they are clueless. they can lead a team but everyone has to be on the same page. Argentina isnt that team. reminds me of madrid. They top players but their communication as a team is not where it needs to be. On paper they have the best club in the world but on the field its a different story. I like uruguay because they have always been a more humble team. Forlans interview before the game showed just how humble he was about the game againts argentina. He was happy with his past accomplishments and would not be dissapointed with himself or the team if they lost. They were one of my favorites next to Ghana who made it very far and played very well. Argentina has great players but not a great team.

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