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Brazil are knocked out by penalties

Brazil were knocked out by Paraguay through penalties. Brazil missed all 4 penalties while Paraguay netted 2 to seal the semi-final place...

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sdtarm4458d ago

amazing, brasil had the ball 80% of the game yet they couldnt score, then they missed all of their penalties

no_more_heroes4458d ago

Looks like Brazil took penalty kick advice from David Trezeguet...

FlashXIII4457d ago

And must have been egged on by John Terry!

RedDragan4457d ago

Been saying for ages, Brazil have been extremely overrated recently. Now they may have had the fair share of possession in this one game but it is meaningless if nobody can put the ball in the back of the net.

Brazil were poor in World Cup 2010 and they were poor in World Cup 2006. They appear to have ok-ish in 2011, reacing the Semi's but lets be honest about the level of competition. For the last 6 years they have been over complimented by keeping the position in the Top 5 of the Fifa rankings because there really are much better teams in international football.

For me the top team in South America is currently Uruguay, lets not forget they are a former giant of the game. Hope to say them stay near the top of the continent, South America needs more than one good nation. Argentina I would say are like Holland, hardly one of the greatest international nations of all time. Some fleeting success but that is it, all their other international teams have been beaten easily when it came to later stages.

Sahil4458d ago

Now.. the comp. is wide open, i still fancy Uruguay.

kulka4458d ago

well another strange result in this tournament hope that Chile will progress would make a good final against Urugway

jak3y13oy4458d ago

shame that they are losing 1-0 at half time :/

krazykombatant4458d ago

HAHAHAHAHA that should be shameful as hell for brazil seriously why didn't lucio start the penalty shoot-out for brazil??? That was embarrassing for brazil at least argentina scored they're penalties.

wantedboys4458d ago

at least we won the last two trophies in a row what about argentina thier last trophy was 1993 good luck with that!!!!!

And by the way not every competition Brazil will win the trophy but at least they win something

krazykombatant4458d ago

seriously i don't mean to take away anything from Brazil, both argentina and brazil have earned their prestige. But there is no doubt that this was an embarrassing exit for both the host and brazil.

rafay4457d ago

Brazil were pathetic. And that they won before is no defence of them being pathetic now.

kulka4458d ago

Yup this tournament is one big misunderstanding all the favourites have missed so many chaces hit the crossbar etc i would not be suprised if Urugway lost this tournament

rafay4457d ago

To be honest, the level of competition in international football has dropped. Any team can beat any other team on their day. There is no truly great team!