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Torres - It's a new start

Torres has endured a difficult time at Chelsea following his record-breaking move from Liverpool in the January transfer window.

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rafay4218d ago

His move would be the last record he will ever be breaking.

johnsonbat4218d ago

Not entirely correct, he could go for the longest amount of time without scoring.

rafay4217d ago

Hahahahaha... Agreed!

sokrates4217d ago

:) I hope he never scores again!

kulka4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

Well strikers leaving Liverpool have always underachieved at other clubs Owen and Toress both were amazing proparly the best strikers around at Anfield then left and struggled to score a single goal

mastiffchild4216d ago

Owen's scoring record at Real is actually very impressive per minute played and his career is only in the state it is through injury while Torres hasn't had time to prove anything either way and joined Chelsea in the middle of their worst run of form for decades. You speak with a very jaundiced view of things I'm afraid.

The other thing is that you could HARDLY say Torres was setting the World alight for either L'pool OR Spain when Chelsea signed the guy. His fitness was never at the same level it had been his first two years at Anfield in the years following Spain's Euro triumph and his run of injuries-fact is it's only towards the end of last season that many of the fitness stats(opta in game stats) even began looking like the Torres of old and actually began to look like the injuries hadn't actually ended his career at the levels he set himself.

Whatever, saying he's party to some curse that makes strikers leaving Liverpool somehow lesser [layers is beyond hasty and well into the territory of wishful thinking and bitterness. Tough I don't like the club I've always liked the Liverpool faithful as they know their game pretty well and harbour more respect for former players than most other sides fans but the vitriol and bad wishes I've seen towards Torres(when, in fairness the club never fulfilled their promises to him and, if anything, he stayed longer than he needed to)this year has really disappointed me in this regard and made me wonder just how much they hate a player moving onto a Prem rival.

It's just not the behaviour I'd expect of them.