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Argentina and Brazil lead the fall of the Copa América giants

The giants woke up, but only to be felled. When Argentina and Brazil scored seven goals between them in their third group games at the Copa América, it seemed they were slowly rousing themselves for the march to a meeting in the final that the organisers had done everything in their power to make inevitable. In their quarter-finals, though, the problems of the opening games returned. Both struggled to make domination of possession count, both lost on penalties, and both will look on a barely credible semi-final line-up and wonder why on earth they are not there.

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sdtarm3714d ago

disappointing, argentina should have been at least in the best 4 south american teams, they had to, they were the host nation, and batista was the one who fked it all up

Sahil3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Like Italy-France did for World cup

kulka3713d ago

well that was suprising but Brazil had a new squad young which will be very good in 2014 world cup but Argentina no excuse they need to recruit some good defenders soon

rafay3712d ago

I don't think they'll be the ones to watch in 2014. Argentina will be better than them. And European teams are far far better than these two at the moment.