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Menezes pleads for time to get Brazil on track

Mano Menezes has defended his Brazil team, insisting that his record was not "all negative" after they were eliminated in the quarter-final of the Copa America on Sunday night. Brazil lost 2-0 on penalties to Paraguay after drawing 0-0 in 120 minutes. Brazilian newspaper O Globo described it as an act of "historical incompetence".

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no_more_heroes4090d ago

That's just how football is nowadays. It's all about short-term results. That's not an entirely unfair approach, because incompetent coaches will try to use this same argument to try and save their jobs, but even when certified top coaches don't get immediate results, some fans, board members and media outlets suddenly start baying for a crucifixion.

True greatness takes time to build. Just ask Fergie and Wenger.

sdtarm4090d ago

agreed, brasil did grow stronger and better with every game they played,

Argentina instead got weaker, more confused and more dependent of messi after every game, Batista should drop his job, he is an incompetent and he has proved it over and over again. how the fck did he get his job? he failed in the juvenile team where they were eliminated on the first round

no_more_heroes4090d ago

Don't know. I can't speak for the quality of Argentine coaches, so I'm not sure if there are any better candidates that they could have appointed.

sokrates4090d ago

Brazil has millions of active players, going all in to get profesional. They have more players than the rest of america Latina all together. Thats why this is a shame!!!

crazyturkey4090d ago

Let's be honest, this team doesn't even have one player that can be compared to the likes of Romario, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho on their prime. Neymar and Robinho are nowhere near close to that quality. So the lost in quality could be affecting the performance of the team. On top of that the team doesn't play as one for the most part.

sickshot694089d ago

I agree @crazytukey, Menezes made mistakes by not calling a stronger team of brazilian players. Michel Bastos is better than Ramires(his touch is a lot better), Ronaldinho is better than Ganso ( I would like Ganso on the bench though)I dont get how Hulk was overlooked. Brazil's defense was great their midfield was complete garbage. Pato and Neymar did not play their best because of the terrible midfield. I want a coach that wants to lead their team to victory by calling the best players available.

Kur04089d ago

There is one boy with a chance. Look up Lucas Moura. Its a shame Mano didn't give him much playing time.

cmoyano4089d ago

argentina and brazil are in serious trouble...they both really need to start focusing on creating a team based on teamwork and not based on one individual like messi or neymar...look at uruguay and venezuela. 5 years with their coaches and they have done astounding things...that shows that with time you get to really get to know your teammates and your coach and create a team based on compromise to each other rather than all being new additions to the teams and play like noobs....