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Awana could face ban over penalty

The scorer of a backheeled penalty, who has become an internet sensation as a result, is facing possible disciplinary action from the United Arab Emirates Football Association.

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no_more_heroes4095d ago

Good God, people, can't you take a joke? How do they see this as disrespectful?

Yi-Long4095d ago

... the match was already played, and how this guy wants to take his penalty, with all risks involved, is his own business...

I didn't think it was disrespectful. I thought it looked a bit lame, but that's no reason to ban someone.

rafay4095d ago

Really? They have nothing better to do!

KingPin4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

how is that penalty wrongful? can someone please tell me?

he ran, and kicked it in one motion. its not like he stood over the ball doing 300 step-overs which deceived the keeper and then kicked it.

then i guess these penalties are illegal.