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Beckham: One team in Manchester

David Beckham has laughed off suggestions that Manchester City could usurp United as the city's prominent side, insisting "there's only one team in Manchester".

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rafay4090d ago

Hell yeah to that.

Not a ManU supporter, but I really can't stand City.

CherryLu-Chan4089d ago

What is it you hate exactly?

The fiercely loyal fanbase, who were still selling out Maine Road, even when they dropped to the third tier of English football?

Or just perhaps that their fortunes have turned around so utterly and those fans have a future to get very, very excited about?


zootang4089d ago

I am from Manchester and can tell you, no one other than lowlifes or hooligans like $hity in Manchester. There has only ever been Manchester United supporters in Manchester since the Munich disaster.