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Barca seal Sanchez deal

Barcelona have confirmed the signing of Chilean star Alexis Sanchez from Udinese.

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rafay4093d ago

Does this mean they will leave Fabregas?

Sahil4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Yes, no fabregas. they've used all their transfer money for this season.

NewMonday4092d ago

a big improvement on Pedro

Zalset4092d ago

Sure Barca has money for Fabregas. This summer Barca pays Udinese 26mil. which leaves them around the same amount left in the bank + sale of jeffren, 8mil from Ibra sale and possibly other sales. (Barca wont get anything from the Bojan "sale" this summer) I, sure they will bid around 38-40mil + additional bonuses which will be paid next summer.

Anderson84092d ago

they're still trying to sign fabregas this deal has no effect on that one

Sahil4093d ago

Good signing, really creative player.. barca will only go stronger with this.

rafay4091d ago

Good players yes, but very overrated. Lets wait and see him prove himself. Suarez is better.

kulka4092d ago

yes a good player got skill but not sure if he will make the starting 11

Mozilla894092d ago

What do you mean he's the new Messi!

kulka4092d ago

But Barca's attack is already the best in the world who will he replace in the starting 11 ?

Mozilla894092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

Haha, I was just joking because every new up and coming player is labled the "New (name of current best player in his position)"

I don't think he'll be a regular starter or if he is he'll probably take Pedro's spot.

rafay4091d ago

How many Messi's can you play in one team? There should be a law.

crazyturkey4092d ago

Now all he has to do is pray that a starting midfielder gets injured. If that doesn't happen he will become another expensive bench warmer.

rafay4091d ago

Inniesta or Xavi will. They're too old to play the whole season surely. So maybe some shuffling will result in him getting a spot somewhere.

Anderson84092d ago

i still dont see what all the hype is about he doesnt seem all that great to me.. maybe i'll be proven wrong

kane_lfc4092d ago

I rate Hazard HIGHER than Sanchez

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