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Blues warned over Modric price

Tottenham Hotspur boss Harry Redknapp has warned Chelsea that it is likely to take "an awful lot more" than £35 million to sign Luka Modric.

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KingsCross4087d ago

I would be more than happy if he signs up for Chelsea, but I dont think Redknap will let him go.

mastiffchild4086d ago

If what Modric said about Levy promising him a ,ove to a bigger club if one came in for him if he were to extent his spurs contract is true then it's all a bit out of order from spurs and a little naive of Luka but they will never get the best from him again if he feels they lied to him. We may never know, of course, but I don't see Modric as one to lie about that kind of thing-and he's never made any trouble before so why come out calling your chairman a liar if it's not true?

Spurs will fear having to really go into the market should a Modric exit mean Bale wants to go as well-which is one reason I think this us dragging along. Maybe it's time for Chelsea to cool it and move on, though, otherwise all they will get is bad press while they could be sorting out another target instead.

As it stands I can understand Chelsea's position, I can respect Redknapp and Modric but suspect Levy is being a prat in the way he seems to have twisted his meetings with Modric to suit the image HE wants projected. He HAS to protect his club, certainly, but the way it's painted, he seems to have done so by taking the piss out of his best player which won't look good to other top players Spurs might want.

Mozilla894085d ago

Well this is it, I don't think Chelsea will go over 35 mil pounds for him which is still a little high I think. Modric's agent must suck big time. Why would you sign a new contract for 6 years for only 40k a week when you're one of the up and coming players in the premier league and one of the best on your team?

Sahil4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

Don't think he'll sign with any club this season, mybe next if spurs can't get to the CL.