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Bojan to complete Roma switch

Barcelona have confirmed they have agreed to sell forward Bojan Krkic to Roma for €12 million.

The deal includes an obligatory buy-back clause that would see Barca re-sign the player at the end of the 2012-13 season for €13 million, but Roma can nullify the clause if they pay a further €28 million.

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no_more_heroes4092d ago

So, let me get this straight: Barcelona can buy Bojan back for €13m in two years regardless of how good he gets and if Roma pay Barcelona €28m at that time they can nullify that buy-back clause?

So Roma have to buy him twice?

So it's basically a loan move with transfer fees attached?



are you smegmabuggering KIDDING me?!

KingsCross4092d ago

Strange. But its to risky to loan such a young player out, but he has to play to improve his level. So I think both teams gets a good deal, Roma has to pay a lot of his getting really good, if not they get him cheap.

sokrates4092d ago

looks like a kind of loan if you ask me. I guess Barca is afraid they are gonna sell a diamond after all.

kulka4092d ago

this is basically a loan move Bojan needs to play to improve his game he will come back to Barca as a world class player

Sahil4088d ago

Smart deal by barcelona, they'll def. buy him next year.