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Highlights: Hull 3-0 Liverpool (Pre-season Friendly - 23/07/2011)

1-0 R. Brady 21'
2-0 R. Koren 34'
3-0 Jay Simpson 58'

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no_more_heroes4086d ago

Holy sh1t! Was that really Hull, or did Arsenal change their colors to Amber and Black?! Three sweet goals!

Hull have changed...

zootang4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Liverpool haven't a chance at the top 4. 6 players (ex Man Utd) that couldn't get into our team beat 85m worth of flops.

kulka4085d ago

yes right and Suarez played your defence like little kids Liverpool has improved and there is no doubts about wait until next june before making comments like that

zootang4085d ago

I think your forgetting we beat you 2 out of 3 last season. Berbatov with what could have been goal of the season.

kulka4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

I think you're forgetting the fact that Dalglish was not our manager when we lost we did not have Suarez we won huge amount of points in the second half of the season and remember Kuyt hat trick ? anyways we will end up fighting for the title we have to wait until june to get all the answers no point arguing if the season has not started yet

zeddy4086d ago

3-0 v hull that sucks! and to rub salt in the wound robbie brady on loan utd player scores against them. liverpool still need defenders, still cant believe comolli spent 20mil on henderson.

RedDevils4085d ago

there are 5 United Players, no wonder Hull City look like a good team :)

DiffusionE4086d ago

LOL! Almost £50m spent on 3 players and they got thrashed by a championship side? Given that a few of the first-teamers were missing. But still, at this rate, Liverpool will be nowhere near the top 4 come the end of the season, especially if a couple of their top players are plagued by injuries further down the road.

And I still say Andy Carroll is not worth anything more than £15m. "Give him time. Give him time. Blah Blah" He's an overrated Crouch-type player. He's not 'terrorizing' any defences, more like they're terrorizing him. He'll score a few odd goals here and there, that's about it.

The only outfield players truly worth writing home about are Gerrard and Suarez. The rest of them are just bargain-bin materials.

freeduck4086d ago

Nowhere near the top 4? I am sure we can get in the top 4

Downing, Henderson and Adam didn't get "thrashed" as you mentioned, they played well considering that Downing and Henderson played their first game and still regaining fitness

I've said this before but give Andy Carroll one more season before you judge him. He was superb at Newcastle and I'm sure he can bring that to Liverpool, he was plagued by injuries since January.

DiffusionE4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Oh please. Hull City were in their pre-season too. So no excuses there. If your "2nd string" team were humbled by an average Championship side, you should worry a bit. And yes, they were "thrashed". The score doesn't lie. One goal difference is one thing, but three? C'mon you're not gonna tell me your boys were just "unlucky", are you?

BTW, Carroll costs £35m. For that amount he'd better be shooting lightning out of his arse. Even one of the most-wanted target for the summer, Alexis Sanchez, doesn't cost that much. And before you bring in a "Torres costs £50m" argument, let me remind you that Torres was receiving a hell of a lot more criticism than Carroll from the get-go.

"Give him one more year"? Really? Maybe we should give him 10 years. Meanwhile, the team will be suffering again from lack of goals and poor-defending(a Liverpool specialty). Your best players will get fed up and leave for greener pastures, just like they always do. And the cycle will continue while you're stuck in the middle of the table, always overpaying for average British players.

freeduck4085d ago

Chelsea were pretty terrible in their friendlies last season, and they started off the league in terrific form.
Liverpool lost 5-0 to a German team in a pre-season friendly before the 05-06 season, and finished 3rd in the league along with the FA cup.

Pre-season friendlies aren't indicators of how a team is going to perform in the season. It's meant to get players match-fit, and to test out different formations and players.
Gerrard, Meireles, Lucas, Skrtel, Agger, Aurelio, Johnson, Suarez were key players for Liverpool's squad last season that did not play against Hull. Having them would definitely have changed the result since they have been playing together for many months now
Instead Dalglish picked Kyrgiakos (poor), Wilson, Insua, Ayala (all 3 inexperienced) to defend. I hope we buy a CB and LB

I agree for that price of Carroll he should be bagging in goals and that's what we are all expecting of him this season. I won't comment any more until the end of next season

zico4086d ago

it`s only a friendly pre season match but it worry me! If they don`t take these kinds of matches seriously why play them?!

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