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Highlights: Chicago Fire 1-3 Manchester United (Herbalife World Football Challenge - 23/07/2011)

1-0 C. Gibbs 13'
1-1 W. Rooney 70'
1-2 R. Da Silva 76'
1-3 L. Nani 82'

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no_more_heroes4085d ago

This was most definitely not a walk in the park for Man Utd in the first 65 minutes. If not for their terrible finishing, Chicago definitely would've had at least 3 goals. After the first team players came on though, Man Utd began to take control.

zootang4084d ago

Thanks for the analysis, what ever makes you feel better. Smalling, jones, Wellbeck, Cleverley, De Gea all their first game of the tour in 100+ degree heat.

We still got the win and that's 14 goals in 3 games!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

RedDevils4084d ago

If Obertan wasn't playing someone like Nani would put this game to bed, Obertan wasted too much chances, although he the pre-season Legend after all lol

no_more_heroes4084d ago

Umm, I wasn't trying to diss Man U. Unlike certain people I always try to be respectful first (unless severely provoked). My parents raised me better than that.

I was merely stating that Chicago put up more of a fight than I thought they could, before Man Utd's PL pedigree eventually shone through.

*this message brought to you by my LG Optimus One Android 2.3 smartphone, because my proper cable, phone and internet services contrived to crash simultaneously 24 hours ago and hasn't come back yet* :(

Anderson84083d ago

he's right we were backs to the wall for 60 mins chicago should have put the game to bed long before we scored our first goal

zeddy4084d ago

didnt play well because it was jones, smalling, cleverly, de gea and welbeck's first game back. played better when the match fit players came on.

kane_lfc4084d ago

De Gea should of saved that