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Ferguson - No more spending

Sir Alex Ferguson has reiterated that he is not in the market for a new midfielder following Paul Scholes's retirement.

Manchester United have already spent heavily this summer on the likes of Ashley Young and David de Gea, but they were still being linked with a new midfield star to replace Scholes.

"We are not looking at the moment but we are looking at combinations of central midfielders now at the club"

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You've got to be kidding... I'm not doubting Fergie but our central midfield is going to consist of Carrick, Anderson, Fletcher and Gibson... and that's it! and neither of those players are reliable.

Did he not see why United lost big games against Liverpool, Arsenal and Barcelona? Its because they were dominated in midfield. Even if Scholes didn't retire, I would still want us to get another central midfielder.

I say we put Rooney in central midfield now, he's shown he can be our playmaker and is capable of making some amazing passes, we've got six strikers anyway.

zootang4212d ago

Just to point out we beat Liverpool, Arsenal 2 out of 3 last season and beat Chelsea 3 out of 4.


That's because we got a great defence and strike force, last season we clearly showed our weakness in midfield, Ryan Giggs isnt going to be playing central midfield for the next 5 years.

rafay4212d ago

I don't think you'd want to remember Wembley?

zootang4212d ago


It was one game and again we missed Fletcher and Anderson. I trust Sir Alex.

“The fact Manchester United lost a Champions League match doesn’t mean I am a better coach than he is.

“I still have a lot to do just to attempt to be compared to him. The kind of prestige he has isn’t lost for losing a match in the Champions League,”

Pep Guardiola

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

zeddy4212d ago

well cleverly played in midfield against chicago, didnt really do too well but it was his first game back, hopefully he can do a job and we wont have to spend 35mil.

RedDevils4212d ago

Our best Striker in midfield you gotta be kidding me.

I'm sure SAF is aware of what he is doing, if he think he couldn't get the player he want then, I think he already got another plan to solve the midfield problem and that is not by putting Rooney in the middle he even said it himself that Rooney will NOT replace Scholes, it either gonna be the youth or Anderson, Carrick, or Cleverley to do the job temporary, I just hope he will solve the problem quick just hope Cleverley can show his worth and deserved to be a United player

DiffusionE4212d ago

Is this just a "dummy" statement to put rival teams off, and then come up with a couple of surprise signings towards the end of this window?

Infernostew4212d ago

I hope this isn't true. If there was one position I was sure we were going to slash some cash for it was central midfield. Especially after Scholes retired. I'm betting Giggs will move permanently to the center mid position but what we really need is a playmaker which we haven't had in that position since Keano retired.

DrillaKid4211d ago

WTF! Utd are worse than last season with no VDS and Scholes. We now have an inexperienced keeper and Young in the team (Jones is for the future). This team would get slaughtered by Barca unless Fergie buys a midfielder. You'd think after the CL final this would be obvious.

kane_lfc4211d ago

Being honest you buying Jones was pointles you already had Smalling for backup and you should of used the £19MIL on areas you actually needed to improve eg Midfield or a backup striker

Infernostew4211d ago

We always have a defensive crisis so another defender was definitely needed. Especially since we lost Brown and O'Shea this summer.

kane_lfc4211d ago

No more spending, means no more spending.