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Liverpool sign USA wonderkid Villyan Bijev after U18s hat-trick

The Kenny Dalglish/Damien Comolli led Liverpool revolution continues apace following the high-profile signings of Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing with the capture of USA wonderkid Villyan Bijev.

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kulka3952d ago

wow this lad has skill in him our youth team suddenly become one of the best in the world surely the club is going in the right direction Dalglish and Comolli are doing great job

zico3952d ago

agree, Dalglish will turn Liverpool to a winner team again!

sokrates3951d ago

They need more than a good manager... 0-3 for Hull.

zeddy3952d ago

a guy scores a hattrick in a u18 game and suddenly liverpool have the the best youth team in the world? come on dude.

DiffusionE3952d ago

Pacheco was a "wonderkid" sought after by the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona, y'know. Everybody said he was the next David Villa. And look at him now. He's 21 years old and nowhere near what you'd expect from a wonderkid of that age.

There's the thing with Liverpool's youth system, that they just can't seem to produce players with true flair to their game. And if they buy youngsters with flair, they seem to kind of lose it after a couple of years or so in the youth academy.

IMO, none of the current LFC youths have that "special quality" that potential future world-class players always seem to have. They're gonna need a massive shake-up in their system to turn around this obvious deficit.

kulka3952d ago

Morgan, Robinson, Sterling, Flanagan, Kelly, Coady just to name a few promising players :)

DiffusionE3952d ago

Sure they have the potential to be very good continental-class players. But I'm talking about potential world-class here. None of them have that special spark that future world-class players almost always seem to exhibit from a young age.

mastiffchild3951d ago

McEachran, Bertrand,Kakuta, Salomeh, Van Aanholt, Borini, etc,etc-we can all list promising players at our clubs but it doesn't, hardly ever, mean they will make it mate. Stay realistic, that's all. Josh is the BIG hope at Chelsea and what's the betting that, even though he's been about the ONLY player this pre-season who looks chelsea class so far he'll either languish on the bench and in the reserves or go on loan to bloody Forest os someone else similar?

Too often we say that players used to shining at under age levels are going to be this, that or the other and the pressure doesn't help AT ALL.

Look at Mikel for the classic example of a player they all wanted and fought over who just never showed half his promise and is now lucky to be second choice holding midfielder for Chelsea.

Also, Chelsea have been either winers, finalists or thereabouts in the FA Youth Cup for the last few years and qwe have NOTHING, so far, to show for it. i'm just saying that, imho, the academy system needs a lot of work and the youngsters don't need the likes of us heaping expectation on them in "my clubs got this" arguments.

kulka3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

I agree with freeduck players are top class Morgan and Sterling have been scoring goals for fun in youth games but they need to be given first team football to improve but Barca have proved young players and stability is the key to success i think clubs should follow their example instead of buying so called stars who will turn their back on the club any given moment

freeduck3952d ago

It's rare for clubs to be producing players like Giggs, Rooney, Gerrard, Messi, Ronaldo so just because the players kulka mentioned didn't have that early breakthrough like the world class players did, doesn't mean they won't be fantastic players for Liverpool and England.
A team shouldn't be defined as how many world-class players it has, rather how well they work together to deliver a world-class performance.

I think the Liverpool's academy is starting to produce a great amount of talent. Players like Morgan, Sterling, Coady have proven themselves at the international level and as we saw last season Dalglish likes to use players from the Academy to the first team.
Shelvey is 19 years old and has been featured in every single game since Dalglish arrived (except in games where he was injured)
Robinson (17yrs) was used several times last season as well. Flanagan (18yrs) and Kelly (21) are top defenders

I'm convinced Liverpool has a bright future with these young lads who love playing for the club and trying to win things

mastiffchild3951d ago

Itprobably does,though, and that's my point. Just don't expect too much and even expecting them to be in the L'pool side for a long time is a MASSIVE expectation. Remember the likes of Thompson? Everyone expected great things, he played a ton of games early in his career then a move and...nothing. It's just MORE likely they won't make it. I'm not saying they can't, just that even asking them to keep that initial flush going is bloody hard.

My ezxpectation is that you'll get the odd one that makes it and for a TOP club like Chelsea or L'pool that's pretty good but the vast majority, even of successful youth sides, just end up being talent for lesser clubs or lower leagues, just a fact. The history of big clubs is littered with the likes of Carlton Cole. He was brilliant as a youth, brilliant when he broke into the Chelsea team but a couple of failed loan moves and it took him an age to show HALF what h's gifted with at West Ham.

Even more normal is that they just go down the leagues even after a few decent runs in the first team. just what happens, i'm not being negative at all. te likelihood is, at a club that can and does buy in talent from elsewhere, that the youth products tend to end up elsewhere-possibly more than they should but the weight of expectation, and wishful thinking on our part, does them few favours. It's tough even trying to be the cog in a world class wheel.

kane_lfc3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

How many Ballon D'or winners have came out of the Chelski academy? NON! How many have came out of LFC's academy? 1

LFC and Man U are the ONLY premier league teams to produce atleast one Ballon D'or winner so please dont start slagging of are teams academy when non of your players will ever play anyway aslong as you can buy near to anyone you want