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Ricardo Teixeira: When English FA come to Brazil 'I will make their lives hell'

The president of the Brazilian Football Federation launches an astonishing attack on England's media and the Football Association, pledging revenge over corruption allegations.

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mastiffchild4090d ago

Meh, Fifa IS a corrupt, anti English mess.Jealous of opur place as the HOME of football they do everything they can to do us down and we won't be cowed, and nor will our wonderfully investigative and free press just by some no mark like this.

All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to ignore it and at Fifa we have bad men aiding it. England should LEAVE Fifa. It's rotten to the core and not fit to run OUR game. I'm sure the FA are oh so terrified! The fact a WC s going to Qatar is the biggest indication that all fifa care about is what goes in their delegates back pockets and idiots like this need to shut up-attacking the British media might seem clever with the hacking thing right now but rest assured there are thousands of HONEST English writers and reporters willing to take these fools down0-and they will be taken down.