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Uruguay 3-0 Paraguay: Diego Forlan & Luis Suarez seal record 15th Copa America title

The dream duo were on the top of their game once again as Oscar Tabarez's men made short work of their opponents in a fairly one-sided final

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krazykombatant4084d ago

Serves paraguay right, did not deserve to be in the final. Happy for forlan!

wantedboys4084d ago

uruguay deserve to win the final 100% and aslo paraquay deserve to be in final. Did paraquay cheat to reach the final no then they deserved it. stop complaining

Corepred44083d ago

They didn't cheat doesn't mean they deserve to be in the final. They didn't win one game the entire tournament. Talk about lucky.

wantedboys4083d ago

TO Corepred4

Paraguay deserve to be in the final because defending also part of football nothing wrong with that and also attacking is not always the solution and even for defense . If attack is the only solution to win games you will see Brazil and Argentina in final instead of Uruguay and Paraguay.

Corepred44082d ago

They didn't deserve anything. And they got nothing. Mediocre paraguay got stomped by uraguay. the team that actually won games and played well.

kulka4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

Great victory for Urugway Forlan and Suarez were amazing

ATLien4084d ago

Great game thank you Uruguay keep it up

Sahil4084d ago

Good final, uruguay totally deserved it!!

kane_lfc4084d ago

Suarez got best player of the Copa America award and the Silver boot! :)

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