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Wenger calls for tap-up review

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes a review into current tapping-up laws is necessary as he attempts to hold onto Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

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no_more_heroes4145d ago

So do I, because that's what's been going on with these two: "clever" execution of tapping-up.

(after 36 hours down my internet is finally back!)

zootang4145d ago

Southampton website regarding Chamberlain
"We found it rather two faced that Arsenal can act so high and mighty about the whole saga.

"Southampton are not in the least bit surprised about this, after all, this is exactly how they managed to convinced Theo Walcott to join their set up."

How about Bordeaux on Chamackh
"What I do not like in the behaviour of Arsène Wenger, who is doing this again today, is that at the beginning, he declared his interest in Chamakh, a long time before calling me," Triaud said.
"Then he ended up doing so. And now, Mr Wenger is starting again, again starting to put doubt in the mind of the player. And I don't find that very correct. That said, in January, Marouane will not leave. Even less so on a free transfer."

Wenger is just two faced and happy to do it to other clubs but gets upset when it is done back.