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Manchester City agree club record £35 million fee for Atlético Madrid forward Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero flew out of Buenos Aires last night bound for the Premier League after Manchester City agreed a club record £35 million fee with Atlético Madrid for the forward.

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ohahCantona3953d ago

great player. The title-race this year will be between the two Manchester teams.

kane_lfc3953d ago

What about Chelsea and us ofcourse? :)

Anderson83952d ago

what about you??

jks jks i think you arsenal and tottenham will be battling for 3rd and 4th i dont see liverpool bein consistant enough to win it

DiffusionE3953d ago

WOW! So, it's effectively the same price as Carroll? Hmmmm... I know who I'd rather have.

freeduck3953d ago

You should compare the two players until after the season ends.
Carroll is PL-proven, Aguero isn't.
We'll see who bags the most goals at the end.

DiffusionE3953d ago

To be fair, so are Konchesky and Joe Cole. The "PL-proven" argument is a poor excuse to add an extra £10 to the price-tag of average English players.

kulka3953d ago

Carrol is not an average player when fit he is top class he is very tall can head the ball well if he will get the delivery he will score goals for fun along with Suarez

RGB3953d ago

Carroll isn't even worth £15M. Liverpool played it so wrong, desperation I guess. They need some one and paid 3 times his worth. Even if he scored 20 goals next season I wouldn't value him more than £20M.

RedDevils3952d ago

I guess only Liverpool fans will defended Caroll price tag. The guy is overrated and over price, what worse he is average. Btw it's true he is "proven" a proven average player that is

freeduck3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I never defended his price tag. No Liverpool fan was happy the fee for Andy Carroll. However Andy Carroll did not set the price, Newcastle did.

The fact that Andy Carroll was English, bought on transfer deadline day, and that Newcastle were aware of Torres departure explains why his fee was inflated.

All I am saying is that Andy Carroll should be given a season's chance to judge him to see his worth, it only seems fair to. He came to Liverpool injured, and regaining fitness and form was something that he struggled with last season. He's fit now and ready to start the season, judge him at the end.

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kane_lfc3953d ago

Aguero will be on more than Suarez, Reina and Caroll put TOGETHER

kane_lfc3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Given the experiences of the likes of Adebayor, Bellamy and now Tevez - stranded at a club he doesn't want to be at, and that doesn't need to sell him until the price absolutely suits them - you'd have to be a fool to want to go to Man City. Look at Dzeko and Balotelli - £50m outlay for the pair and now they'll be on the bench, while Mancini drools over his new toy. And will they be able to get moves away? Not on their nelly.

That same fate undoubtedly awaits Aguero. Especially if he struggles to adapt to English football. Shame on him. Hope his £200k a week makes him happy.

meehanprime3953d ago

Fair enough the price is the same as Carroll's but it's true that Andy has shown he has the strength to cut it in the PL. I've always been a fan of Aguero and think once he adapts to the PL he will be brilliant but remember he's played in a league that is slower and not a physical. Few players adapt quickly, of course being a Red I quote Torres and Suarez as two that have and I hope that Aguero adapts. However don't knock Andy just because of the price tag, lets see how he does this season. If he knock in 20+ goals I'll see the price tag as a bargain.

RGB3953d ago

Not as physical... maybe.
Slower... hell no, La Liga has way more pace and tempo. Only because Barca play 90% of the game in their half doesn't mean the rest of the league does. You see more goals per match day in La Liga than the EPL.

Like I stated above, (Carroll) even if he scored 20 goals next season I wouldn't value him more than £20M. Obscenely over priced for his goal to game record.

Mozilla893952d ago

I was curious about your logic here so I decided to check out if La Liga's "pace and tempo" led to more goals than in the Premier League.

I looked at the stats last season and there were actually about 20 more goals scored in the Premier League than in La Liga so that argument goes out the window.

I think it's cause the EPL has a higher level of competition. I mean a majority of La Liga's goals come from 7,8,or 9 goal thrashings by Madrid or Barcelona.

RedDevils3952d ago

@Mozilla89 did you know most of those goals came from Barca and Real madrid respectively

RGB3952d ago

You only have to look at the way the Spanish game is played and you know it has more pace and tempo. Much more energy in the style of play. It's not just about goals even though 3 seasons ago La Liga had 159 goals more than the EPL. That doesn't mean EPL has got better, it hasn't. The majority of the top players in Spain have either left or have slowed down; i.e. Raul, Etto, Henry, Forlan, Villa, etc.

"I think it's cause the EPL has a higher level of competition."

6 La Liga seasons within 3 pts, 2 Head to Head seasons!
5 EPL seasons within 3 pts.
7 La Liga Seasons won by 2 wins (6 pts).
11 EPL seasons won by 2 wins (6 pts).
1 La Liga season won by 10 pts or more.
5 EPL seasons won by 10 pts or more.

Since the EPL formation (18 years) we've seen 4 teams lift the Cup. 12 Titles won by one team.
In the same time we've seen 5 teams in La Liga lift the Cup. 9 Titles won by one team.

To quote Paul Scholes (The Zidane of English football) "English football is miles (years) behind Spanish football at a club level and internationally." Spain have dominated Europe for the last two decade and internationally for the last 5 years across all levels, ages and competitions.

Expecting the usual rebuttal of English teams have been in more final than any other nation. Since the formation of the EPL 8 English teams have competed in the Final of the Champions League and 4 in the UEFA Cup.

In that same time (18 years) Spain have had 9 teams in the Champions League final and 6 in the UEFA Cup final.

Since the formation of the EPL only 2 teams have won the UEFA Champions League 3 times (Liverpool and Man United twice) and UEFA CUP only one (Liverpool).

In that same time (18 years), 2 Spanish teams have won the Champions League 6 times (Real 3 and Barca 3) and 3 Spanish teams have won the UEFA Cup 4 times (Sevilla twice, Valencia and Atletico Madrid).

To add another fact on there, a more telling fact when it comes to pace and tempo. Since the EPL's formation Spanish and English teams have faced off in 6 finals between the Champions League and UEFA Cup. Out of these 6 finals Spain have won 5 of them.

Spain football has always been faster and played at a more accelerated pace. You'd have to be blind to think otherwise and if English football fans think it's getting any better in England it ain't!

Barca getting better making new signings (Sanchez and possibly Fabregas).
Real improving dramatically since Mourinho joined and buying new players.
Valencia losing all of their key players (Villa, Silva, Albiol) and still competing in the Champions League.
Villareal holding their own in Europa.
Atletico doing the same.
Sevilla being the most successful UEFA Cup team in last decade.
Bilbao having a complete squad from their youth system or backyard (Will never happen in England again).
and now Malaga buying great players for fun.

Spanish football is only getting better, year on year.

Mozilla893951d ago

Alright so I read most of your post haha. I don't think you can look at how many different teams have won the respective leagues in the past and call it good.

The fact of the matter is that I can tell you with a 50% probability which team is going to win La Liga right now whereas the PL is realistically up for grabs by 5 different teams.

Of course this is just a matter of opinion, La Liga isn't a bad league and in my opinion they have the two best club teams in the world right now. It's just a matter of preference.

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kulka3953d ago

I wonder when will Aguero want to go back home he will not be a success at City Dzeko Ballotelli are both more physical to succed in the premier league mistake joining City

Mozilla893952d ago

Yeah, Dzeko really lit it up last season.

3953d ago