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Agent claims €80 million Hulk bid

Porto rejected an €80 million bid for Brazil striker Hulk earlier this summer, according to the player's agent.

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DiffusionE3745d ago

IMO currently, no player in the world other than Messi (and maybe Ronaldo, to an extent) is worth that much money. €100m? LOL! They can go f**k themselves.

Anderson83744d ago

i dont think theres any doubt that they are the only two worth that kind of money.. 53 goals in a season speaks for itself.. hulk on the other hand is worth 20mil at best and even thats pushin it.. he's not that great

RedDevils3744d ago

he is a great player but not 80ml or 100ml great, and who is that stupid rejecting 80ml bid

Sahil3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

"26mil for lescot? lol they have no limits"

hahaha.. guess I forgot how wild city can get sometimes.

kulka3744d ago

He's good but not that good 40 at max


80m for Hulk? I'm looking at you Man City.

no_more_heroes3744d ago

No one else would be that mad and that desperate to sign him, not even Real Madrid.

Sahil3744d ago

Still.. i don't think City wud get this desperate. They have limits, I guess :)

Anderson83744d ago


26mil for lescot? lol they have no limits

freeduck3744d ago

Its a bunch of bull if you ask me

I remember Alexis Sanchez supposedly had a buy-out clause of 40 million, now he was sold to Barca for 27 million

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The story is too old to be commented.