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Anderson ready to replace Scholes

Manchester United midfielder Anderson is confident he can play a key role in helping his team cope without the retired Paul Scholes.

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no_more_heroes4085d ago

Is he good enough to replace the likes of a Paul Scholes? What say you, Man Utd fans?

Infernostew4084d ago

He's needs a lot of improvement to even be mentioned in the same breath as Scholes. I'm not really a fan of Ando, he lacks the attacking presence and the skill that Scholes has. I'm glad that he has aspirations to fill Scholes' shoes but we'll bring someone world class in to fully replace Scholes.

zootang4084d ago

He's got the talent and can replace Scholes he just needs to stay injury free. He's made Fabregas and Fat Frank look like amateurs in the past.

Anderson84084d ago

i wouldnt say hes lacking in skill just consistency

Infernostew4083d ago

Oh I'm not denying that Ando has skill, I think he is good on the ball but compared to Scholes it's apples and oranges.

guigsy4084d ago

Anderson has excellent vision, but I think he struggles with his fitness because he rarely lasts 90 minutes. He showed improvement last season and looks pretty good in pre-season so hopefully he will step up, regardless of whether we sign Sneijder or not.

zeddy4084d ago

he's totally diffrent from scholes, defo not as much composure and he gives the ball away a lot, he does have good moments though and needs to be more consistant. but if stays injury free then maybe he can try to replace scholes.